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Low Back Pain-     Car Wreck / Whiplash-    Sciatica / Leg Pain-     Headaches-               Fibromyalgia-                Neck Pain-


Low Back Pain

Charlotte Wells:Customer Service Rep


“I have suffered from low back and neck pain for years,

 due to a couple of hard falls and an auto accident in 1989.


Dr. Morgan has given me exercises to do along with his treatments. I have been able to go much longer between visits with little to no pain. Doing the exercises eliminates the pain, which also means fewer trips to the doctor. Not only did Dr. Morgan help me to quickly get rid of my back pain but the craziest thing is at the time I came in to see him  not only did I have the back pain but I was also having sinus problems and now all of those symptoms are generally better. I feel like doing more with my husband, parents, grandchildren, and our friends. I feel better at work and have been able to return to working on our local emergency squad, which allows me to help others in return. All of this means the world to me, Thank You Dr. Morgan!



Judith Lang:      Retired (RN)

“Before treatment at Morgan Chiropractic Clinic,

 I suffered from Headaches with tightness in my shoulders and neck.


I believe that my problems came from improper lifting of patients during my career as a RN. I had constant headaches. Since receiving care from Dr. Morgan my headaches have subsided and the muscles in my neck and shoulders are relaxed. Dr. Morgan’s exercise routines have allowed me to maintain the relief from my pain. Without the headaches I am more relaxed and able to engage in more activities such as shopping and walking and I am more tolerable to live with.

My family and I thank you.

Sciatica (Leg Pain)

Dee Craig:        Customer Service Rep

“I no longer feel that I have to hold on to something

when walking down stairs or a decline.

I had a break in the tibular plane of my left leg and went through surgery and months of physical therapy. After two years of favoring my left leg the sciatic nerve had become so irritated that my left foot had become numb. I had severe, stabbing like pain in my left leg, which seemed to travel all the way down to my toes! Since receiving treatment at Morgan Chiropractic Clinic I have had tremendous relief from the numbness and pain. I have also made a lot of unexpected improvements. The strength of my left leg improved and also due to the exercises Dr. Morgan instructed me to do my lower back improved in strength as well.

                                                                                    Thank You Dr. Morgan”



Amanda Douglass:        Domestic Engineer / Foreman


“I have suffered from FIBROMYALGIA for years, relief from some of my low

 back pain during a massage made me think that chiropractic might help.


Since receiving chiropractic care at Morgan Chiropractic Clinic have experienced a greater range of motion, less fatigue, and less pain. If I do too much and my pain flares up I know where to go to get it under control. My worst problem, bad posture, was very correctable. The stretches and exercises that I do help me to stand correctly so that my muscles balance out. I use chiropractic care, massage therapy, and warm water therapy to help reduce my pain. This program has allowed me to run, skip, and jump again. Fibromyalgia is real! Treating it with chiropractic care has helped me tremendously.                                                                                    Thank You.


 Car Wreck / Whiplash/ Neck pain

Stephanie Guckert:        Medical Secretary


“I Suffered from HEADACHES and NECK PAIN

from a car wreck that I had ten years ago.

The changes in my health have been energizing. I found my spirits to be consistently higher, I have been emotionally able to tackle the challenges that have needed attention in my life and I am willing and desiring to be doing more physically than I have in a long time. I have more energy now that I do not have the headaches. My level of activity has also increased because I feel more relaxed and not so tense. The major improvement is the headaches have disappeared and my overall posture has also improved.                   Thank You Dr. Morgan



Car Wreck / whiplash

Carol Schott:     Administrative assistant


“I was suffering from pain and spasms in my neck

and left shoulder caused by an automobile accident

four years ago… and now I feel great!


Since receiving care from Doctor Morgan I feel like a new person. I am pain free and exercise to remain pain free. Dr. Morgan has given me specific exercises to help strengthen my neck. While obvious problems such as the neck pain were corrected other things that I was not aware were causing some of my problems were also corrected. My posture has improved dramaticly, giving me more confidence. He understood exactly what I was telling him when I described my pain and he really! really! listened. All of this means the world to me,             Thank You Dr. Morgan!”





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