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Fast Relief of Your Pain is Our Top Priority

We Promise to treat you special
at Morgan Chiropractic Clinic in Marietta, Ohio, and do Whatever It Takes on your First Visit to get you feeling better ASAP! This will include a consultation, examination, 2 X-rays if indicated,
and Whatever treatment is appropriate to Relieve your Pain and Stress.

Complimentary Insurance Benefits Check included. 

Auto Accident Injuries may be covered 100%. Call for Details

*The Special Morgan Chiropractic Clinic First Visit Package offered here does not apply to patients who participate in a federal program providing health care benefits or payments, including but not limited to Medicare or to work injuries.  Sorry, their rules, not ours.

Our first visit procedures~

After you have filled in a comprehensive history form, we perform a complete examination which includes physical, orthopedic, chiropractic and postural analysis.

X-rays of the spine (radiological examination) may be taken to determine whether you have pathology or fracture and, if you have any preexisting structural faults of the spine which may lead to misalignment's (Vertebral Subluxation Complexes) of the spinal bones.

Your findings are compiled by Dr Morgan and a full report is given to you. Dr Morgan will then recommend a course of Chiropractic treatment along with the likely anticipated results.

I'd like to be your doctor. Call 740-374~BACK~2225.

 Patch or Fix?
We offer both symptom relief and wellness care. Many patients begin care in our office with a specific health concern and then realize what chiropractic is all about, maintaining health.

We'd love to meet you. Call our office today to schedule a consultation. 740-374-BACK-2225

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